5 Best Pay per Click Advertising Practices for 2019

10 Jan 2019 | By Jish

Topics: Best Pay per Click Advertising Practices for 2019

We have entered into another new year. As we are at it, it's time to perfect things in Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising that you've unperfected in the previous years. Review your current PPC practices to start improving your performance in the coming years.

Let's revisit the opportunities that can be continued and explore new opportunities that can be implemented into your new PPC campaigns.

The year 2018 witnessed massive changes within Google. Google AdWords rebranded as Google Ads and the launch of numerous new campaign types, features, enhancement, targeting options and tools.

Meanwhile, at Bing Ads, tons of new features have been launched with new targeting capabilities and improvements.

Let's review these changes and start implementing it step by step.

1. Review all new features in Google Ads:

As it was mandated that all ad users must shift to the new ad experience by October 25th, the number of new features introduced must not be overlooked. Some of them include:

Promotion extensions: Showcase your products with a small percentage discount and this will make it stand out and give a coupon look. It is a great option for those of you who have been using sitelinks and ad copy for promos. The promotion extension can be added to your account down to the ad group level.

Phone Calls Bid Adjustments: If you increase bid adjustments on ads with call extensions drive in more ad impressions and call impressions.

2. Give Preference to Mobile Experience:

There has been a huge surge in mobile searches for the last few years. Advertisers see about 58% of conversions coming from mobile devices alone with the lowest cost per conversion. Start by assessing the volume of traffic coming from mobile devices in PPC and try to make changes in the small level of increments to see how this will impact your business.

3. Refine Campaigns by Audience Search:

For quite some time we were used with keyword-targeted campaigns, but it has all changed to audience targeted search and demographics to further refine those campaigns. These audiences are segmented by detailed demographics (education, marital status, household income and home ownership), searches and online behaviour, remarketing (website visitors and YouTube).

4. Be Prepared for Voice Search:

Although voice search has come into force over a year back, it has not much impacted the PPC Campaigns. The advertisers are not getting many searches in voice. But it is important for you to keep up with this trend in your ad campaigns. 

5. Re-evaluate your Reports:

This year change the way how you prepare PPC reports. Bring in key PPC metrics to add this data to your reports. Both Google Ads and Bing have revamped their ads overview pages which can be a handy graph for you to use. Consider adding new metrics you haven't thought about or haven't used in your previous reports.

PPC strategies change to some extent every year.

We have already seen the strategies in 2018 and waiting for some winning ones in 2019. The above strategies help you to plan effectively and work eminently this year.


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