5 Tactics to keep your Mobile App Users Engaged

15 Aug 2017 | By Jish

Topics: Mobile App User Engagement

Do your business own a mobile app for customers? Then you may also have some users who have abandoned it or stopped using it. What measures have you taken to stop them from abandoning your mobile app?

Although there is an increase in the usage of smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices among majority of customers, up to 90% of users stop using an app just one week after downloading it. This is particularly a bleak reality for app owners like you who invest a great deal in user acquisition.

As there can be solutions for any problems, there’s a remedy for app desertion. It requires a more user-centric approach to in-app marketing. That means not just building a beautiful app that’s easy to use, but also continually delivering real-time, contextual engagements, so that users keep coming back.

Based on some of the experiences and research, here I have come out with 5 tactics which will help turn things around and keep your users engaged.

      1. Bring in App engagement:

Your mobile app must be engaging and useful to your customers/users and outweigh in its features than your desktop and mobile website. To keep your users engaged in the first place, you must focus on only one thing and make it work really well. An easy to use, compelling and rewarding mobile app is sure to win the heart of any app users. The basic purpose of any mobile app is to enable users to do a specific action quickly without troubles or distractions. Many apps fail in it, thus resulting in users’ app abandonment.

     2. Use Push Notifications Wisely

Sending irrelevant updates and notifications to a user/ customer often leads them to block you or delete your app from their apps list. So have a strategic plan in mind, study about your users and track their in-app activities to use a good and effective push notification strategy. So start segmenting your users and targeting them accordingly. You could use some analytics tool that could be combined with push notifications so as to plan your push strategy effectively.

      3. Send personalised Offers

Your customers like personalisation and offers that are centred on their needs. Mass promotions can make little effect in them. You may have noticed, while browsing on the internet you receive searches or display content or even ads that you searched for or checked in a previous session. Similarly, while you may have some offers to send to your customers, segment them based on their past purchases or app usage behaviour.

For example, a cosmetics app can sent out a personalised push notification to attract users who have shown interest in fashion makeup looks in the past.

      4. Present Information Efficiently

Smartphone is for using things in a smart way, which means it will have only the necessary things displayed that is limited to its screen display. So while you may have an app, the information should be displayed in a way that doesn’t distract or annoy. Use efficient ways and tools to insert only the important information. A gentle highlight can also go a long way to draw attention to information and create a sense of urgency in consumers.

      5. Collect Users Feedback

Like in any good relationship, your bond with the users should be built on dialogue. Creating a feedback loop or survey from your users make them feel that you hear them and care about their opinion.

Check on their experience with your service. Ask them if there is something that they would like in the app to be added?  They will feel better, and you can optimise your app for a better experience. It is a win-win relationship between you and customers.

Now that you're equipped with some tricks up your sleeve, get out there. With 90% of consumer time now spent in mobile apps, it’s imperative to have an effective engagement strategy.

Think of ways that you can integrate these 5 tactics into your app, no matter what kind of app it is. You invested in the app and in acquiring users, don’t ignore to invest in keeping them!


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