5 ways to give your e-commerce customers a personal experience

20 Mar 2018 | By Jish

Topics: 5 Personal experience strategies to follow in an e-commerce business

For every business to run successfully it needs the support of its customers. And for customers to grow supportive of your business, it is essential that you provide them with an experience which is personal.

The online shopping experience provided now is not much more than looking at a mobile or computer screen and filling the virtual carts. All these processes miss the personal touch similar to that of a physical store like walking into the store, selecting products, talking with an executive and making some purchases.

Therefore, personalised customer experiences should be at the top of every e-tailers priority list.  By tailoring the digital properties to meet the individual customer needs, brands not only create happier customers but drive more sales.

Here you may see 5 effective strategies to follow in delivering a personal experience to your e-commerce customers.

  1. Understand your Customers:

It is generally the most basic thing any retailer or e-tailer should follow first in business. Often it is forgotten when designing online shopping experiences. Understanding your customers means using all digital means available to track, research, and interpret the desires and behaviour of people who might buy from you.

  1. Make Experiments to see what works

You will not know what works best for you. Therefore, conduct different experiments to see which works best. Only when you try out things you’ll know which kind of shopping experience or strategy is going to work for you. To conduct targeted experiments, it is determining to basically understand your customers which is the first step.  This will help you to analyse how customers will react to your experiment and, most importantly, whether the experiment drives conversions.

  1. Reach Customers using Multichannel

In e-commerce, personalisation means reaching to customers wherever they are and trying to deal with them through technologies they’re using. So for instance, you can reach to your customers using a variety of technologies such as live chat, social media and chatbots. Make sure you're always there, always available, and always ready to engage. Taking a multichannel approach is effective in resolving problems that your customers may encounter.

  1. Tailored Recommendations

Smart, tailored recommendations can play well in delivering your customers a personalised experience. It is an experience similar to the one delivered by a salesperson at a physical store by suggesting them try a particular product. If the same experience, when done well can make a shopper's experience feel genuinely personal. Taking a strategically pleasing approach will let you gain a real-time picture of who your shoppers are and how they interact with your website, mobile app, or other digital property.

  1. Involve Chatbots

Customers of today are seen more powerfully engaged in social media. So it is more likely that they prefer a one-stop online shopping experience. The intelligent and effective Chatbots are an attractive option to drive more sales and give your customers a sense of connectedness with your company.

Chatbots experience can be like Facebook Messenger, which allow consumers to browse, pay for items, and share their favourite finds and purchases with friends without having to leave the Facebook app. Live chat with human agents also can be an important component of a personalised shopping experience. Especially, to deal with some complex questions.

When it comes to providing a more authentic and empathic human touch live agents are the best.


If you follow this simple and basic procedure to providing your customers with a personal experience, you are more likely to succeed in your business.


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