How can Colour Choices Make an Impact in your Website Design?

09 Jun 2017 | By Jish

Topics: Selection of colours in Web Design

The world is revolving around a web-World Wide Web and, this web consists of millions of websites that are all designed in 10 million colours. The psychologists who study human responses to colours and light have said that human eyes can see about 1000 levels of light and dark colours. There are variations in these levels of display. But a computer can display about 16.8 million colours to create a full-colour picture. This level exceeds more than what is necessary.

Although thousands of colours in its variations existed, our knowledge about the number of colours is limited. The colour plays a vital role in how we see. It will influence our reactions to the world around. Therefore, if you are a web designer, basic knowledge about the colour perception and an understanding of the graphic and web design psychology is critical. This will only help in creating palettes that can evoke the right response from the audience.

One of the fascinating elements that web designers tend to overlook is the influence of colours on their website visitors. While a colour palette may look visually pleasing, it also makes a psychological effect in the visitor.

When you do design your next website pay special attention to the below-given colour choices and what they actually mean.

  • Colour RED:

The colour ‘red’ seems to be the hottest and the most dynamic colour. It comes under the category of warm colours. At the same time, it stimulates, excites and makes others passionate and powerful.

Where can you use Red Colour?

Red in its purest form draws attention from others, therefore, it can be used when designing critical elements such as fire, Love or danger. Which means any elements that indicate power and passion.

  • Colour ORANGE:

Not so exciting as Red, Orange comes in the family of warm colours. It is a colour associated with vibrancy and energy. It is an inviting colour while being friendly.

Where can you use Orange Colour?

The Orange colour can be used when you want to depict instances or things such as a movement and energy without giving a feel of danger overtones which is typically conveyed by red. You can use this colour for campaigns targeting a youthful market, to make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Colour YELLOW:

Can be compared with the sun and full of vitality, Yellow colour also falls under the category of warm colours. It symbolises happiness, warmth and is a stimulating colour.

Where can you use Yellow Colour?

Yellow colour can be used when you are designing a website or creating something amusing for children. Being a cheerful colour, the darker shades of yellow can be used to create a sense of the ancient past.

Next, comes the family of COOL Colours

  • Colour GREEN:

When you think of Green colour, you think about nature and environment. Most of us love green in its variants because it calls in for a sense of safety, honesty, freshness, calmness, and a go ahead feeling. Green also symbolises prosperity and stability.

Where can you use Green Colour?

Green colour can be used when you want to design something that symbolises harmony. While the darker shades to depict stability and prosperity.  If you are designing marketing material for a website which is concerned with finance and environment matters, shades of green is an excellent choice.

  • Colour BLUE:

The colour blue invokes a sense of trust in the viewer. While it brings in a formal appearance, it also suggests dependability, success, security, calmness, power and spirituality.  Most of the corporate brands choose variants of blue to form their brand identity and design. E.g.: Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Flickr, PayPal etc.

Where can you use Blue Colour?

Darker shades of blue can be used when you are designing corporate or business websites such as banks, financial institutions and medical companies.  While the lighter shades of blue can be used in the designs of social media websites to bring in friendliness and a calm feeling.

  • Colour PURPLE:

Although a variant to dark blue, in the subconscious mind of people, Purple is a colour which has a daring edge on navy. Purple represents nobility, luxury, elegance, dignity, mystery and dreams. It also represents creativity and imagination.

Where can you use Purple Colour?

The dark shades of purple can be used when designing something which characterises wealth and luxury. The lighter shades of purple bring in a soothing feel and go well with websites that are beauty and romance orientated.  

  • Colours Black, Grey and White

In design, black, grey and white colours are usually used as background designs. They go well in conjunction with brighter colours. They are called as monochromatic colours for their single colouring nature.

  • Colour BLACK:  Black represents mystery, power and elegance, and symbolises modernity.
  • Colour GREY: The grey colour represents calmness and neutrality. While it can also be used when designing something that shows the lack of energy.
  • Colour WHITE: It symbolises peace, calmness, cleanliness, clarity, hope and welcome. It is a colour associated with simplicity and sterility.

Where can you use these colours?

These colours form part of the design to depict tradition, neutrality and conservatism. Therefore they are very effective colours.

You can use these colours when designing something that is serious and trustworthy. Such as when designing marketing materials for legal or law firms or for any daring marketing campaigns that want to stand out from the colourful campaigns.

  • Colour BROWN

Brown is rarely considered as a colour that brings excitement.  Different shades of brown are used as a backdrop design in conjunction with textures. Being a stable colour, Brown is associated with comfort and experience. It has its association with nature and is seen as relaxing and casual colour. 

Where can you use Brown Colour?

Colours ranging from cream or ivory to beige or tan and chocolate browns are dominant colour for creating marketing campaigns or websites for manufacturers of coffee, chocolate and pet services.

Colours are wonderful things in life. Life without colours is non-exciting. Correctly harnessing the psychology of colours in web designs can make your website powerful. When you can set the right colour match for the services or products on offer, and the correct target market, your website will form the basis of a successful marketing campaign.


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