How to hold Users Attention from a Search Results page to your Landing Page?

20 Mar 2017 | By Jish

Topics: Holding Users Attention

Are you constantly trying to grab a vast number of web users attention? You may be using the standard web search regardless of whether you have a small, medium or large business organisation. When a user searches for something relevant to your business on the web, this will result in the very many Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on Google, Bing or any other search platforms.  If the users happen to click on your web page result, it is because of the attention grabbing words you’ve used along with various other tactics. Here the underlying and crucial principle is 'attention.'

If you can’t catch a user’s attention, there’s no click, no landing page experience, and no conversion. Even worse could happen, if you succeed in hooking your user’s attention and bring them to the landing page to overwhelm their attention with stimuli and then there is no conversion taking place at the end.

Here are some of the tricks and tips where you can grab your users’ attention and keep them focused till the end.

Take up the Space using Structured Snippets:

It is just another way to increase your chance of addressing your users concerns beyond general search term. Implementing those structured snippets will take up some space and will grab more attention. Structured snippets allow you to describe features of your specific product or a range of products or services your business offers before they actually click on your ad. As an added bonus, snippets involving reviews will integrate eye-catching colour as well as act as a social proof.

Focused Messages for Visual Thinkers and Analytical Scanners:

If you are doing a Facebook page advertising, then there will be two kinds of users. One is Visual thinkers and the other is analytical scanners.

The visual thinkers will hunt for images and videos in their feed and analyse it before they jump to the copy for context. You can pull in their attention with weird and wacky images.

While the analytical scanners will most likely read the headline or some aspect of the copy first. You can capture their attention by using emotionally targeted and relevant ad copy. Make sure you’re talking directly to your user and they’ll feel more personally engaged.

Now the hard part of the attention-grabbing process remains on the Landing Page. Read on.

How to keep the users' attention on a Landing Page?

The attention holding process often gets diverted when it reaches on the landing Page. To hold on a user’s attention, you need to keep the information Simple, Relevant, and in the Right Order.

Once the users’ are on your landing page, there are certain factors that can all conflict with each other to grab and hold their attention. These are better explained in the following paragraph.

Quantity in Details

The quantity of nearly every element on your site conveys a message. You need to balance between every information you are giving on a page.  If you have too much imagery, users will ignore most part of it. If you have too much text, users will scan at first, then scroll and ignore the rest of it.

Keep your page as simple as possible. Every time you want to put something on your page, ask yourself if it NEEDS to be there to convey information concerning who you are, what you offer, or your benefits and values. If the answer is ‘no’, don’t put it on the page.

Quality in Matters

Your users always like differences in what you offer. So if the offer is similar to what your competitors have, then what makes the difference? Populate your page with hefty, quality information that is easy to remember and very clear. If your products are made in the UK, this can be a huge benefit. So instead of giving an elaborate paragraph about your company’s history, create a more visual text piece that simply states “Made in the U.K.” This appeals to all users as well as it is short and sweet, and easy to recall. Make sure that the information you’re sharing with your users is true and unique.  

Order of the Information

Order in the information means you need to answer the questions your user is thinking in an order they do. A user is going to pursue information in the order of their mental questions.  Most users won’t adapt to the order of your page so your page needs to adapt to their order of thinking. Thus, if you don’t answer “What you do?” in the first 5 seconds, most users are going to bounce straight off your site.

While the visual hierarchy is also something you need to place focus on. It will assist you in conveying elements important to your users. So, what is important should come first then followed by declining importance. So what comes first is the headlines then, the visuals and followed by text.

At the end…

It’s all about attention. Grabbing a user’s attention, while tricky, is the easiest aspect of the equation. You need to develop a solid understanding of how users approach you and adapt this to your strategy.


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