How to write Great Ad copy for your Google Ads Campaign?

30 May 2018 | By Jish

Topics: Writing Great Ad copy for Google Ads Campaign

Writing Ad Copy for your Google Ads Campaign can be sometimes frustrating when you want to stand out from the crowd of competitors and really want to bring in some potential leads. Although it is only a matter of few minutes, you will have to carefully craft catchy words or sentences to fit into the limited space allotted.

Most of the businesses find it easy to use Google Ads, but, very few of them see results from their budgeted campaigns. Why does it happen and what is the real problem? Let’s find the answers to these questions below.

The main reason why you don't see results from your Ads Campaign can be poorly written or ineffective ad copy and the call-to-action. So, whether you spent £100 per month or £500 or more, it's all matters in writing killer ad copy that will generate a better Return on Investment (ROI).

How to write killer Ads Copy?

The first thing you need to realise before crafting your Ads campaign is that you have words limitation. You are allotted only 60 characters for a headline which breaks it into two with 30 characters each, 80 characters for the text, and 30 characters for a display URL. While 170 characters may not seem like much to write, writing copy for Google Ads campaign that drives click-through-rates can be an exhaustive process. Let’s follow the steps to writing an outstanding copy.

  1. Do Research on Competitors

Start doing a thorough research on competitors and note down on the key aspects they are focusing. Most of your competitors might be focusing on dynamic keywords and bidding on similar keywords. Try to differentiate yourself from using the same stock of keywords or else you may get lost in the mix and hurt your chances of getting any clicks.

  1. Find out what your Customers Search

Most of the advertisers often ignore the side of customers. Your success lies here. Your campaign should focus on what your customers want to accomplish with the help of your products or services. It will help you stand out from the sea of your competitors.

Let's say, you're selling hair care products and services and your customers are looking for a solution to get rid of hair problem. They’ll search for keywords like; How to get rid of hair falls?

Your headline shouldn’t ask prospects if they want to deal with hair problems?” As the advertiser, you already know that they are searching for it. So, you should speak about their End Goal — what they’re looking to achieve — with a headline like this: "Solve Hair fall once & for All"

Don’t give up very precious headline space for something you and the visitor already know. Instead, give visitors that end solution they’re looking for.

  1. Keep your Ad Copy Relevant and Specific

Keep your Ad copy relevant and specific to give your customers a reason to buy from your business rather from your competitors. Be sure that the text in your ad copy is relevant not only to keep up with the keyword search terms you select but also your ad’s landing page and the products or services your business provides.

Cleary state in your copy why should your customers choose your company over another. Find out some unique selling points that your competitors don't offer like, next-day delivery, international shipping, free customisation, or 24/hour service support. Include those unique selling points in your ad copy. Avoid generic phrasing and give customers a specific, relevant reason to choose your business.

  1. Use Countdown Timers for Sale Ads:

If you want to run a sale offer, add countdown timers to create a sense of urgency among buyers, which is, in fact, a psychological move. Many companies have reported success with this formula and have reported their ad copy performed significantly higher than other ad copy.

Google has this countdown timer which you can set in your text ads. All you have to do is add a little snippet inside your headline or description. After you set the end date, your ad will include a countdown in real time. Visitors seeing your ads will be motivated by their fear of loss, and give you the edge over your competitors who aren’t using this tactic.

  1. Write an Intuitive Call-To-Action

Your ad should include a clear call to action which will force your searchers to click. You can opt for the standard “Buy now or Call us”. But, if you really want to step it up a bit, consider a more creative alternative.

  1. Enable Ad Extensions

Once you’ve done with your body text, plan for ad extensions that will boost up your ad copy. Ad extensions add up a little more to your campaign to be shown on the SERP. When it comes to ad text, bigger is better. It has proven to increase CTR by an average of 30%!

  1. Measure the Success

Let your Ad campaign get a few impressions and then assess your success. Although it’s tough to predict the performance of a new ad. Often, the ad copy you thought would win ends up losing. That's why testing the ad copy is critical. There’s no way to know what will work until you try out.


Understand the real problems behind the failure of a campaign and, you'll learn how to write Google Ads campaigns that will bring you higher click-through rates, higher quality scores and higher conversion rates.


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