How will Accelerated Mobile Pages help boost your mobile website performance?

12 Jul 2019 | By Jish

Topics: Accelerated Mobile Pages

Are you a regular content publisher? Have you been troubled with your website's loading time? Think about switching to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to enhance both the loading time and the user experience of your mobile website.

Google's AMP- Explained

A normal user spends most of their time using portable devices like mobile. It will serve their lot many purposes – take pictures, share pictures, watching movies, reading news and chatting with friends and family. If your users find the page to be too slow to load, they will naturally abandon your website to look for better ones. This will have a great impact on page-views and ultimately affect the revenues of the publishers. So what's the solution?

Google's AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are aimed at helping publishers to create mobile-optimised content and to have it loaded instantly for the end-users.

Google has taken a simplified approach to code AMP and has done away with many of the root causes of increased latency when loading mobile web content.

It will allow the pages of participating publishers to load significantly faster on all smartphones and tablets, using customised HTML code optimised to work on resource-limited mobile devices.

This open-source initiative from Google is aimed at all the stakeholders – content creators, publishers, consumer platforms and lastly the users. The Search Engine Giant has taken the experience of the users’ one step further by providing them accurately loaded full-featured page (contents, images, videos).

What is the nature of AMP?

You will find totally distinctive and attractive features with the Accelerated Mobile Pages specifically built for website or web page.

Accelerated Speed:

In a world where the speed matters and when nobody is ready to wait patiently not more than 10 seconds for your web pages to load, AMP gives you the rapidness for your users to engage with the content more often.

Positive Influence:

Although AMP is not an official ranking factor for Google. The company is positively aggressive about AMP content in the mobile so that it can generate a positive influence.

Boosted Server Performance:

AMP improves the performance of your server. If the main part of your traffic comes from a mobile. Then definitely AMP will help you to reduce the load on servers and hence improve the performance.

Save on Ad Blockers

Good news for online advertising networks and online publishers who see advertisements as a great source of their revenue. Users will no longer feel your ads are slowing their search. The new AMP format is designed to ensure that faster web pages will disengage users to install software like ad blockers which eat up into revenues.

This has attracted some of the most popular and leading ad networks like Amazon, Google Ad-sense, AOL Ad Tech, Taboola etc. to adapt AMP ad extended component.


There is no doubt that AMP provides a relatively easy way to improve the speed of mobile websites for publishers. Most of the web development companies are focusing on this feature to improve the loading time of the page so that it can fetch easily. If you are also looking to build a mobile app for your business, consult best mobile application development companies in the Enfield area for this purpose.


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