Top 6 Ways to Keep your E-Commerce Website Up To Date with The Latest

15 Mar 2019 | By Jish

Topics: Ways to Keep your E-Commerce Website Up To Date

2019 is the potential year for e-commerce companies to provide something trendy and meaningful to their online audience.

Online shoppers are always on the look-out for the best deals before making a purchase decision. Google search is often the first step online shoppers take to discover a new brand or product.

Here, the question is will your ecommerce store show up when they search? Will your website stop them at the very first glance? Do your website pages load faster when they look for products? Will your product copy entice them enough to click the “Buy” button? Do you deliver your customers the support when they need it? Do you use discount strategies to drive sales? 

If you can give a "yes" to all the above questions, then, you're up to the standard. If you've got some "Yes" and some "No’s, definitely, you'll need to keep pace with the latest trends.

So, what are the latest e-commerce website trends? Let's find it here:

1. Fresh Displays and Features

Your e-commerce website needs to be both functional and rich with media. "65% of the general population are visual learners and more likely to retain the information they absorb from the sight". This indicates that the graphic elements of an e-commerce website is crucial.

Keep this in mind when modifying product and landing pages, and consider all forms of imagery, from video to photos. When consumers watch these videos, their outlook on the brand increases by 100%.

This will as well improve your chances of making a referral traffic to your website and increases the likelihood of revisiting your online store.

2. Augmented Reality

For customers, being able to physically see what they’re planning to purchase from the comfort of their own home is going to be a game changer.

In 2018, tech giants like Samsung and Apple made it possible to implement AR on a large scale. Now the ecommerce world is combining hardware with applications like 3D Warehouse to make AR-guided shopping a reality for online customers.

It won’t be long before augmented reality becomes a part of everyday life.

3. Simplified Checkout Process

You must keep the checkout process as simple and user-friendly as possible in order to avoid cart abandonment.

It is estimated that "nearly 27% of consumers abandon their orders during the checkout phase due to a lengthy, complex or inefficient process."

To ensure a smooth and simplified check-out process you should consider including and improving the following:

  • Verify whether the checkout works on both desktop and mobile devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Make sure it’s compatible with Apple, Windows and Android operating systems.
  • Allow customers the ease of purchasing multiple items in the same transaction.
  • Make free shipping available when you can, and when it’s not possible, communicate the total shipping costs before customers reach the final checkout page.
  • Send automated cart abandonment emails, so if consumers leave without finalizing their purchase, you can entice them to revisit the order.

4. Improved Site Speed

Your website may be good at enticing customers by its aesthetics but the experience it deliver matters. Nearly 47% of internet users expect a website to load in two seconds or less, and 40% will terminate their browsing session if the load time exceeds three seconds or more.

This will hurt your SEO and affect the profit flow. If users are leaving your site or spend very less time browsing, Google begins to see your site as less valuable. This in turn affects rankings, traffic and, of course, sales.

Start by testing your website speed with Google’s Page Speed Insights. This will give a detailed understanding of how your website performed and what changes need to make. Work with a developer to fix these issues.

5. Discount Tactics         

Each season or festival is a time to start testing new discounts and promotions. Start by putting discounts, coupons and offers on the most visible areas of your homepage.

Think banners, opt-in offers and pop-up ads. The goal is to convert the traffic on your e-commerce site instead of letting them find your competitor with better deals. If you’re already doing this, it’s time to start testing.

As you begin testing, consider the many ways you can use discounts to drive sales.

6. Chat Bots for Customer Support

Positive, attentive and responsive customer interaction is a crucial factor for driving customer loyalty. 24% of consumers will continue to shop with retailers that offer helpful customer service, while 36 percent will avoid retailers whose customer service is really bad.

If your website is your main point of contact with customers, digitize customer support with chat bots. These allow you to be efficient with your staff and available to customer’s right when they need you.

People want a quick and streamlined experience when shopping on your site. When this experience is added by great customer service and deals, it'll all the attract them towards you. Now’s the time to make these changes and updates on your website to stay ahead of the competition. 


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