What does the colour of your logo says about your business?

17 Sep 2018 | By Jish

Topics: The choice of colour for your business logo

Colours and human emotions are closely linked. We are all lovers of different Colours. Each one of us has developed a liking towards certain colours for many emotional reasons. Colours can form an integral part of any brand. If someone asks you, “why did you choose a red colour for your logo? Then, you must be able to explain the reasons for them clearly.

Often, the logo of your business is what your customers and clients get the first close glimpse of your brand identity. Whether your logo is blue and confident, yellow and alive or black and serious, these colours announce some message to the customer. While you create a logo which is perfect, be sure to pay attention to the messages these colours can send.

Here we explain the emotions and impressions that colours can convey:


The colour red is associated with the intensity of emotions and is the colour of blood and fire. A logo designed in red can represent one’s Active, Emotional, Trust, Love, Intensity, Passionate and Aggressive nature.


The colour blue is associated with stability and depth and often represents or posturizes Faith, Calmness, Strength, Security, Confidence, Trust and Comfort. It is the colour of the sky and the sea. 


The colour yellow is associated with the energy and joy of one's emotions. It is the colour of the sunshine. Yellow colour represents Joy, Energy and Freshness.


The colour green is associated with the colour of nature and depicts harmony. The green colour is widely used to represent Calmness, Trust, Peace, Relaxation and Hope.


The colour Purple is often used to depict luxury and the colour of Royalty. Purple colour creates a feeling of Glamour, Power, and Creativity and often creates a feeling of Nostalgia, Romance.


The colour Orange is also associated with the emotion of happiness and is the colour of the sunshine. When used in designing logos, it evokes a feeling of Enthusiasm, Creativity, activates Mental Stimulation and a determined nature.


The colour Black is associated with the mysterious darkness and portrays formality. While it evokes in a Bold, Serious and Luxurious feeling in a person.


The colour Brown is associated with the colour of earth and is used to create a feeling of Reliability, Support and Dependability.


The colour Pink is closely associated with feminine nature and is used to represent the feminine traits such as Warmth, Nurtured, Love, Sweetness and Sexuality.

Things to consider before designing a logo

  • When crafting your logo don't settle for something that simply looks good, aspires to design something that evokes your message or a feeling.
  • Avoid falling for the latest trendy patterns, colours, typefaces and other things to impress viewers and clients. This is because design trends last only for a few months or a year or so.
  • Make it scalable without losing its sense of proportion. That is, whether you want to put your logo on a big size billboard design or on a business card it should appear proportionate from every angle.
  • Always try to be different when designing your logo. Make it unique to stand out.
  • Before you take a final decision on the design of your company logo, take into consideration its appearance on different online and physical platforms. So, make sure to test it on several mediums.

It's hard to imagine all of the colour possibilities until you really begin to stare at a 1,000 different shades of a single colour.

Some colours are more popular in particular regions, some colours are faddish, some colours are difficult to replicate in different mediums, and some colours may already be taken.

Graphics and images pose their own concerns. In general, simple is often better.

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